Q: I have a friend who tells me what I can’t have very time we go out to eat. The last time, I wanted a cookie and she said, “What? Have you kissed size 12 good-bye to say hello to size 18 forever?” She had asked me to stop complaining about my weight, and I did… but now she does nothing but! How do I get her off my back?

A: Stop the insanity and tell her to get with it; that diets stink and eating well, is in. When you deny yourself food that you don’t eat regularly, like cookies, you crave it, and eventually overdo it the next time you bump into that goodie.

Take a page from my book.  I was quoted by Alex Witchel, which made the quote of the day in The New York Times as saying, ”A cookie is just a cookie, get over it! ”