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Courtesy of HeyGorgeous.com   Beth Ditto 

Courtesy of HeyGorgeous.com 

Beth Ditto 

Courtsey of HeyGorgeous.com  Beth Ditto

Courtsey of HeyGorgeous.com

Beth Ditto

Courtsey of HeyGorgeous.com   Robin Lawley Swim   

Courtsey of HeyGorgeous.com

Robin Lawley Swim

Courtesy of HeyGorgeous.com  Slink Jeans

Courtesy of HeyGorgeous.com

Slink Jeans


June 16, 2016

With summer here (officially in a few days) what do you want to say via your summer fashion statement?  Will you allow some skin to show, not cover up in layers, wear something more body conscious (BodyCon), wear white jeans to your next bbq, buy a bathing suit you'll actually wear INTO THE WATER, ask a friend to an afternoon stroll at a museum in your most contemporary colorful linen dress or will you remain unable to move beyond your tried and true day to day uniform of the same?  

I've got news for you, it's time to clean out your closets and remove all that does not SERVE YOU, belittling your light, your glory, and life's mission. I'd rather your wardrobe be filled with minimalist goodies then loaded with the newest fad! By keeping it simple saves us time and headache the next time we're asked last minute to meet friends or a date with someone special.

What we wear not only clothes us well for the elements, but shows the world our values, beliefs, and goals in life.  Do not be mistaken; our clothes needn't be from a luxury price point (although it's ok to dream and be inspired from this elevated fashion level) but the goal is to reflect who we are and what we feel about ourselves through our prized pieces.  So whatever you keep, make them count to serve you well and allow you to be seen in the best light possible. 

Im asking you to step out of your box and try on something that excites you - new fabric, fit, and style- and see what your inner goddess has to say.  I've said "Slow change is lasting change, just as long as we change"  So let go of the fear of the unknown and have some faith that in trying, you may be able to expand your wardrobe repertoire to include the glorious new collections from designers on the scene (more about them here @ EMMESTYLE360) and the glorious technologically superior textiles just waiting for your touch and the caress of your body to bring them to life!

To get inspired, check out HeyGorgeous.com in the better to bridge contemporary market  today!

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