The moment I heard Gal Gadot was cast as lead in the epic film Wonder Woman, I couldn't wait to go and experience it.  (It’s a bonus that Patty Jenkins is the director). The reviews were coming in positive, so off I went with my 15 year old daughter Toby -- we were excited, especially after hearing Gal shot the film and all her fight scenes being pregnant. (I seriously couldn't imagine).

The film showed Diana, princess of the Amazons as this fierce, powerful and strikingly beautiful superwoman as expected but admittedly, I was hoping to see if this action film could headline Amazonian women without seeming hokey, trying too hard, or leaning on their love interest to save the day.   

I was hoping this "shero" would be able to stand on her own and shed light on the incredible strength and fortitude women play in our daily lives.  Oh and did it.

Within the first 45 minutes, I turned to my daughter and whispered "I love the writing" pointing out the play on gender roles and the silly things we do as humans out of route.  A few minutes later, I whispered again, "you know, we are amazons."  It was more a statement than a question although, my delivery was slower while contemplating the words as they came out.  I felt they were for me as for all the women I have the pleasure of calling my colleagues, friends and family. 

But there in the darkened theatre, knowing how my Toby I is gaining more and more success in her athleticism, she might soon understand the dichotomy of being a powerful woman as I did and how that power affects those and the world around her.  Engrossed in the film, she shh'ed me again and nodded, nonverbally as saying. "Yeah! duh Mom! We're amazons I got it".   I love the fact this generation embraces sheros as well amazons, as we are everywhere and in every woman.  Times have certainly changed for the better.

Seeing Wonder Woman further supported my being strong and powerful.  I am thankful for these physical and mental attributes as they served me well over my career especially having survived cancer, I most definitely feel our bodies are works of art.

While serving a greater purpose earlier in my career, my physical presence and persistence was not always easy for others in and out of the fashion industry to accept or embrace. I pushed against the norm, by just being me. Today the mold has been broken wide open and inclusion has found its place in promotions across many platforms, businesses and has a place in our culture. There seems to be a whole new spectrum of what it means to be a woman...and not just one of compliance, weakness, or servitude but of strength, intelligence, diversity. Thank GOD for this as we all gain by celebrating women in mind, body and spirit.

So if you would, raise your sword and shield before you get on with your day and proudly repeat after me: “ I am an Amazon!”, and again a little louder!! Then go slay whatever or whomever you need to and grab your daughter or group of girlfriends and see this movie if you haven’t already. You won’t regret it!

Join me and post your most righteous powerful summer Amazonian selfie and share with friends and family with the hashtag #IAMANAMAZON. Yes, I went there with my 50 + bod in one of my favorite bikinis and bathing suits to drive home the fact that we rock as women in all our powerfully diverse glory!

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