Mindful Eating

Have you watched the movie FED UP created by Stephanie Soechtig and executive producers Katie Couric and Laurie David? Well, I did last week and boy did it blow me away and change how I was eating!

I, along with my brother (who asked to me to watch the movie again with him) are on this high nutrition, low sugar awareness lifestyle reboot. Texting and sharing our recipe finds and new found energy levels.  It's pretty cool.  Our sister, mother of three and business owner has followed wholesome food preparation for mostly all her family's meals for over two decades and I think for the first time my brother and I really understand why!  Our health is in our grasp.

Did you know that (1) one can of COKE has approximately 39g of sugar? According to the FDA: women should not exceed 6 tsp (25 grams), Men 9 tsp (38 grams) and children 3-6 tsp (12-25 grams) per day.  (print this paragraph out and put into your kitchen)

When I got home, I went through my pantry, reading every label I could find and before I knew it, I had two garbage bags filled with foods with 5 + grams of sugar.  Did I feel guilty? Yes, but not for long. Out it went!  I am still blown away by what's been right under my nose all these years in all it's 61 different names on labelsand I thought I was a healthy eater?  

I had cancer and should have remained mindful. It can be laborious for sure.  Not always are we in the mood to cook, read labels, choose unsweetened products and foods higher in fiber. It's so easy to slip back eating on the run, grabbing what's quickest.

But the cool part of this is, I can make changes now and make better choices rolling forward, like my lie depended upon it (which it does)!  Shopping for my food the day/week ahead and making enough for two meals. (what I make for dinner will feed me lunch the next day and vice a versa.) Gone are brain fog, after lunch exhaustion, most cravings, and am excited to experience more (I'm 4 days in) while I continue with this adjustment.  Katie's cooking show, Full Plate with her husband John is fun and easy to follow for some ideas.


Delicious plain Greek yogurt and fresh blueberries!

Delicious plain Greek yogurt and fresh blueberries!

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To more mindful living!

*If you'd like to learn more about hidden sugars in foods, please click here.