Over the past several decades, the beauty ideal as portrayed in the media has increasingly become thinner, while the prevalence of obesity has increased.  At the same time, both the cosmetic surgery and dieting industries have become multi-billion dollar entities and the stigma against obesity has increased.  Research indicates that promoting dieting, fostering negative attitudes towards fat, and pervasive media images of unattainable and unrealistic beauty ideals (most images in the media are air-brushed) are perpetuating body dissatisfaction and eating disorders in men and women.   The current response to body dissatisfaction is to encourage dieting and body manipulation.  This tactic, however, has shown to fail at least 97% of the time.  While diets have shown to be ineffective, the person on the diet somehow ends up blaming themselves instead of the flawed system.  

NOW is the time to take back our bodies from the “cultural system” and embrace the glorious, unique and powerful body that contain our essence while we experience the life we are here to lead. To honor, to bless, to adorn and to bring into the fold of friendship, for everything our bodies do for us each and every day. From feeling a child’s hug, a kiss from a friend, tasting fine food from around the world, giving birth, smelling flowers, being able to travel and so much more. Without this glorious body we would not have a human experience.

So flip the script and count the many ways we appreciate and are grateful for what our bodies do and experience more joy, happiness and contentment, today.

I hope you enjoy the conversation!

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Michael Cortese
Gürze/Salucore Eating Disorders Resource Catalogue
NEDA Junior Board Member / www.myneda.org