Oh, what 2017-2018 has been!

It was an utter joy to see through a student's eyes the joy of having her design become a reality, like I did with Syracuse junior Courtney Capazzi in 2017.  Quite an eye opening experience for us all as there were hundreds of decisions to make,  scheduling and rescheduling at nauseam, the ups and downs and finally the joy of birthing a dress into production---all around Chinese New Year. If I hadn't had a few clothing lines of my own over the last two decades, I would have had a heart attack with Courtney, but no, all rolled along and we got to the end with smiles and astonishment.  Needless to say, not too many young designers can say they had a design go into production and go on sale one day before graduation with a major retailer! But you did just that Courtney, Congradulations!!

It certainly does takes a village to shape shift a creative thought/idea/concept into a reality and if I may, I'd like to take a moment to offer my appreciation for this incredible experience:

Thank you Ashley Stewart CEO James Rhee and dress buyer Aretha Blake #Ashleybabe for believing in Fashion Without Limits and in Courtney's winning design - you made this happen, hats off to manufacturer KBL Group Intl' + Tina and Hannah --the best design team duo-- you brought Courtney's design come to life, and a major bow goes to Syracuse University School of Design Dean Tick and Director James Fathers with Professors Jeffrey Mayer and Todd Conover at the helm, and Adriana Gorea among other faculty, your all- in leadership for an inclusive fashion education at Syracuse University Design School at the College of Visual and Performing Arts, inspires me every day to do more! 

Photo:  @byashleystewart   @iveystyles  available now online:  www.ashleystewart.com

Photo: @byashleystewart @iveystyles available now online: www.ashleystewart.com

In Courtney's own words: "I am sincerely grateful to have to opportunity to work with Emme on her mission to expand the plus size market and create fashionable clothing for all women. Fashion Without Limits has given me, and the students at Syracuse University the opportunity to create greater meaning in our designs. It has allowed me to expand my horizons, push boundaries and negate the limitations of size. I hope that other universities will follow suit and give their students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and push passed standard sizing. I look forward to the day that stores are no longer segregated by size, and I am hopeful by educating students Fashion Without Limits has the power to push the fashion industry one step closer to that ideal.” 

@Courtney Capazzi  -in The Warehouse- Syracuse, NY

@Courtney Capazzi -in The Warehouse- Syracuse, NY

Courtney just graduated, is from the Class of 2018, Syracuse University, B.S. Fashion Design, Entrepreneurship & Emerging Enterprises,
College of Visual and Performing Arts | Martin J. Whitman School of Management  

Ok, so Im going to brag a little ... She was the President of Fashion Association of Design Students, Artistic Merit Scholarship
Awarded for outstanding portfolio and design work, and winner of 2017 Fashion Without Limits Design Competition for outstanding plus size design for the Fashion Without Limits program. 

Need a great size inclusive junior designer, Courtney is your next hire!  More of Courtney's work and portfolio can be found here.