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Q: I was at lunch with a colleague recently when she said she had been asked by my supervisor to speak to me about the length of my skirts. Apart from the fact that I would have preferred that my boss talked to me directly, my skirts are actually no shorter than anyone else’s. I think I’m being targeted because I’m full-figured, and I’m very annoyed. How do I handle this situation?

A: Skirt lengths at the workplace should be no higher than two-and-a-half inches above the knee, no matter how divine your legs happen to be. (I can hear a collective groan) Call me old fashioned, but this is where I come from. If you and your colleagues are nowhere near the ballpark, then you should all make adjustments, not just you. (but don’t count on it). Then calmly go to your boss and tell him/her that you’re disappointed that he/she didn’t approach you personally.

I know that you’re feeling singled out, but now is a good time for you to step up and turn the negative into a positive. Raise the standards of your company’s dress code by lowering your hemlines and direct more attention toward your smarts and hard work.


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