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Q: My boyfriend and I have been together for a couple of years, and without really noticing it, I gradually stopped hanging out with my girlfriends. At first they would nag me about it, but then they simply stopped calling. Now my beau wants to throw a birthday party for me and I feel strange approaching my friends. It’s been a year since I’ve seen them, and I’m afraid they’ll tell me to get lost.

A: Hey, this is not all bad. Your boyfriend sounds like a nice guy and you feeling guilty about abandoning your friends is a wake-up call. 

Girlfriends are vitally important to have in all stages of life. The key here is to balance your relationships. Just as you need time alone to take care of yourself and time with your boyfriend, you need girlfriends to relate to and share with. Your friends will forgive you. They might be a little hurt so let them have their say, then show them how much they mean to you by not only including them in the ups and downs in your life but show them that they can rely on you in theirs as well.


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