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Tune in this weekend

Slow down and catch a glimpse of the extra ordinary in ordinary life this weekend!

Naomi’s bouquet - morning light

Naomi’s bouquet - morning light

Happy Friday all!

Be it through mediation (my favorite meditation app is Insight Timer, available at iTunes), taking a walk around a reservoir, jumping into the water at the shore or lake, or sitting and curling up to a good book, whatever it is, take time to slow life down to soak in the brilliance in this weekend ahead of us.

Be here now has become my mantra lately, just crept in when my plate began to fill up with unnecessary worry, or needing to control an outcome. Worry doesn’t make anything happen for me other than cause a sleepless night and feel off so I began looking into ways to focus more in the present moment where everything generally is good. Catching myself and practicing being right where I am at any given moment, I feel better and able to really listen to what people are sharing with me which has been an issue for me in the past. Classic case of overload and not being in the here and now.

I’m beginning to learn that in the here and now is where the magic happens. No where else but right here.

So in this refreshed state, with the kitchen still quiet, I took the shot. I caught the morning light hitting Naomi’s (my new sister in law’s) beautiful wedding bouquet the day after the wedding. What a wonderful time we all had!

Have a great one!