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+ Body+Mind+Spirit Connection!

Emme's got a newsflash: "Stop living from the neck up!" With a bi- polar pandemic on our hands with eating disorders and obesity reportedly on the rise, we need to connect with ourselves like never before. Emme believes all success and human potential flows from a mindful and positive connection between our bodies, minds and souls. Without these three aligning, we experience chronic discomfort or dis-conection in all it's various forms (mentally, physically and spiritually). Once we become aware of this, discomfort, disease and and over all feeling of disconnect eventually lessens, bringing us closer to a more fulfilled life. Emme shares tips, personal stories, and relatable concepts to create a shift to shape our lives for the better.

+ No Room For Fear!

Having triumphed over her own share of tragedies and roadblocks, Emme has a unique knack for turning even the worst situations into an opportunity for growth. Through personal accectodes, Emme will encourage her audience to learn to say yes when opportunities suddenly pop up, even if they don't feel qualified, say no to self destructive talk and behavior blocking a passionate and mission filled life, and how to embrace tough times (Emme will share her cancer diagnosis and treatement and what it taught her) to reevaluate those we hang with, those we choose to do business with and how important carving time out everyday for peace and quite. Isn't it time to live the life you are meant to live instead of the life you feel you should be living? Get ready to be inspired, gain the courage to leap into new challenges and learn through laughter how similar we all are while living such vastly different lives.

+ Bring it On…A thrivers’s Story!

Emme delivers an intimate, proactive view of how one can take part in their own healing process. She reveals her battle and journey through the medical maze along with her own efforts to marry conventional medicine with holistic care. Emme believes “growth only comes when pushed, prodded and forced to face what lies in front of you- being the salt and pepper of life; the good with the seemingly bad, in all its glory.” To say this was a gift may sound strange, but she feels in so many ways it has been. Emme used to improve her wellness and enhance her immune function and those that she continues to use, in post treatment. She is interested in what all of us can learn together and, in particular, what might work for people in different situations. She talks of additional therapies that helped her stay vivacious and energetic during the roughest times and how medical and holistic healing approaches offset the negative affects of chemotherapy, without affecting the protocol itself. Emme reveals her own cancer and it’s treatments - including the emotional, physical and psychological obstacles that must be overcome in order to help others and realize their dreams!


A Peaceful Whirlwind: A Holistic Approach for a Conventional Lifestyle -Strategies to connect your mind, body and soul to embrace perpetual peace. -Learn to release social pressures and live the life you are destined to live. -Creating and connecting to your own spiritual source. -Honoring consistency and let go of the outcome. Balancing Act: Juggling Motherhood, Career, Romance, Girlfriends and Self -Lose Your Fear, Follow Your Dreams. -Dig into realistic ways to live life with passion and show fear the door, for good. -Avoid being all things to all people and learn to be comfortable with being the best you have to offer and that being good enough. -Why staying in contact with girlfriends is life saving, really! -Throw fun into the mix in all situations! Pull a Barbara Corcoran! YOU Come First! Then let all things flow from there! -Learn the importance of putting ourselves at the top of our own life’s priority list. -Understand how by nourishing our health, spiritually, emotionally and physically, we can optimally care for all those we love and are responsible for. A SuperModel’s Journey From Shame To Activism: How not giving up can sometimes make all the difference! -A personal and inspiring look at Emme’s unconventional journey from the sand dunes of Dhahran Saudi Arabia to twice named as People Magazine’s 50 of the Most Beautiful People in the World. Fuel Yourself, Don’t Fool Yourself: The gentle balance in feeding the hunger within while finding fullness. -Understanding the difference between physical satiation and the use of food as an emotional escape tool. -untangling old and unuseful associations and learning to apply ones refreshed with vitality and sustainability in one’s adult life. Breaking The Chains That Bind Us: Letting go of what no longer serves us for good. (great for Mother/Daughter weekends) -Pealing away the social pressure “onion” to our own unique truth. -Learn to live confidently in a life that truly makes you happy. -Discuss the cultural phenomenon in the drive to be thin at all costs, even to death. Myths, misconceptions and how to claim the you you are with out changing a thing.


  • Never Give UP! How Cancer, Divorce, Dating, Business Mishaps Made Life Worth While!
  • Faking It Till You Make It : Mommypreneur Tips For Success!
  • Fall into Grace: Creating a Life of Gratitude in a Challenging World
  • Work in Progress: Self Discovery is
  • Perfect Timing: How releasing control can relax your mind and free your soul
  • Fashion Without Limits: Why changing the face of fashion one design school at a time is important for the fashion industry as we know it today!

"Emme is a very inspiring and powerful speaker"

“Emme is a very inspiring and powerful speaker.  She amplified the energy of our 150 participating women veterans, transitioning women military members and spouses, with her authenticity guiding them to embrace their magnificence.  Communicating her own story, Emme shared the importance of knowing yourself and pursuing your dreams while not allowing negativity to detract from dreams and ambitions.  We sincerely thank Emme, a Syracuse University alum, for her unique and empowering contribution to the V-WISE (Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship) Denver program.”

-James Schmeling, Managing Director, Co-Founder, Institute for Veterans and Military Families, Syracuse University

"you are a welcome and unique addition"

“Thank you for becoming part of our growing team of self motivated folks helping our nation (re) learn how to lead ourselves, you are a welcome and unique addition to the mix. We were once, and I believe are becoming again a nation of independent yeomen and women and V-WISE/Vets entrepreneurship is helping show the way.”

-William (Bill) Elmore on LinkedIn,First Associate Administrator for Veterans Business Development

"Emme is an engaging speaker"

“Emme is an engaging speaker that promotes a wellness lifestyle that focuses on positive body image. Her personal stories and reflections are a source of both motivation and inspiration. She is an advocate for people of all ages to empower themselves and become critical viewers of media messages. Her message encourages the development and maintenance of self-esteem by leading a life that supports being healthy at every size and celebrating body diversity. Emme’s dynamic personality and her touches of humor connect the audience in a personal way that inspires hope. Some of the testimonials below are from the audience during our 2013 National Eating Disorders Awareness week.”

-Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt

"I wish every woman of all ages could hear this talk"

“EXCELLENT! I wish every woman of all ages could hear this talk. We need to hear more of this!”

-Joyce C

"such a motivating and inspirational message of hope"

“Thank you for providing the opportunity to hear such a motivating and inspirational message of hope, inner peace, and self-acceptance. It was very motivating.”

– Beth

"I found Emme to be very relatable "

“I found Emme to be very relatableand easy to apply the topics/examples discussed to my life”.

– Carrie A